Doctor Surgical Mask

Doctor Surgical Mask

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We know that the doctors say they wear masks during surgery in order to prevent diseases from being transferred either to themselves or to the patient but we have a few ideas for some other reasons that they don the face shield

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As a result we believe that doctors make some very disgusted faces at least every once in a while and as a surgeon you're supposed to stay cool under pressure

Let's just leave the costumes up to the other people

One of our favorite reasons we've come up with is the fact that it's pretty gross inside our bodies and the doctors may see it a lot but there are always new diseases and injuries coming up

Thus the great surgical mask was born! But wait, there's another reason you could wear this fantastic mask! Become the most evil surgeon of Halloween and wreak havoc on the people of your town with experimental surgeries Leaving people with extra limbs, frog legs, or bunny ears! Wait, that already happens on Halloween

You just dress up as a surgeon and pretend you did it all yourself.